Milk Coating


Milk Coating

Milk Coating

Coatings are made from cocoa powder, sugar and vegetable fat (instead of cocoa butter) and may also contain dairy products. They are most commonly used in ice cream and bakery products, but are also used for enrobing, moulding and general confectionery work. Thanks to their special composition, there is no need to temper these coatings: simply melt, apply and cool!

Callebaut milk coating nonhydrogenated fat 10kg bag
Stock Code: SCC531
Price: £50.63 10kg bag

Easymelt Chips; Min C/S 2.5%

Callebaut milk chocolate coating 10kg box
Stock Code: SCC646
Price: £50.89 10kg box

Easymelt Chips; Min C/S 3%

R&W Scott Bakers Blended flavour coating; Non- Hydrogenated
Stock Code: SCC674
Price: £41.27 12.5kg bag

Easy melt drop form; a mix of dark & white coating

R&W Scott Bakers Light flavour Coating; Non-Hydrogenated
Stock Code: SCC675
Price: £40.46 12.5kg bag

Easy melt drop form