Flavouring Oils and Drops


Flavouring Oils and Drops

Flavouring Oils and Drops

Our extensive range of natural essential oils and nature identical flavour drops are available in a wide range of flavours, from baking aromas and floral options through to herbs and spices. You can use the filters on the left to find exactly what you're looking for.

Flavour Bursts are a range of fully rounded flavours! Available in both water-soluble and oil-soluble screw top bottles, they are heat stable and some of them add a hint of pigment to light-coloured substances. We recommend you use a teaspoon to measure flavour bursts into your product. Due to the product's versatility there is no specific dosage reference; how much you use depends on how strong a flavour you want to achieve and the product you are flavouring.

Spice Drops are concentrated extracts of spices, fruits or herbs, produced by a family business in Kerala, India. They are cold pressed, so they retain all of the natural goodness and authentic flavour; the only other ingredient being an emulsifier, also derived from plants. As they are water and fat soluble they can be used in anything! They contain no artificial colours, preservatives or flavourings, and are gluten free, alcohol free and vegan.

Oil or water-based? The vast majority of products you create will have both oil and water in them, so you can use either option for products such as ganache, fondant, fudge, bakery, patisserie and ice cream. Use oil-based where there is no water content, for example to flavour tempered chocolate. Use water-based flavours where there is no oil or fat content, e.g. jellies, sorbets etc.

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Yuzu Flavour Burst - 100ml
Stock Code: SCF1268
Price: £17.90 100ml


Violet Flavour Drops (Flavouring Substances) 30ml
Stock Code: SCF0672
Price: £17.99 30ml

Dosage 0.10%

Turmeric Spice Drops - 5ml
Stock Code: SCF1288
Price: £3.99 5ml

3 drops = 1/2 tsp ground turmeric

Tulsi Spice Drops - 5ml
Stock Code: SCF1287
Price: £3.99 5ml

1 drop = 6 leaves

Tahitian Vanilla Flavour Burst - 100ml
Stock Code: SCF1078
Price: £12.80 100ml


Strawberry Flavour Oil (natural) 30ml
Stock Code: SCF0648
Price: £11.99 30ml

Dosage 0.10%

Sorrento Orange Flavour Oil (natural) 30ml
Stock Code: SCF0647
Price: £11.99 30ml

Dosage 0.10%

Sicilian Lemon Flavour Drop; Oil Soluble 30ml
Stock Code: SCF0650
Price: £11.99 30ml

Dosage 0.10% (Natural)

Saffron Spice Drops - 5ml
Stock Code: SCF1286
Price: £9.92 5ml

1 drop = 15-16 strands

Rose Spice Drops - 100ml
Stock Code: SCF1292
Price: £26.00 100ml

1 drop = 1/2 tsp rosewater

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