Gelato & Ice Cream Coatings


Gelato & Ice Cream Coatings

Gelato & Ice Cream Coatings

ICE Chocolate can be used to dip your ice cream sticks, cones and ice cream pralines, to create a tasty and dense indulgent chocolate layer with a delicious snap. It is rich in cocoa butter and will melt immediately in the mouth. ICE Chocolate can also be mixed into ice cream after churning to create stracciatella with lovely crunchy bits of chocolate.

Pinguino Gelato Chocolate Coatings are ice cream coatings with an extraordinary taste! Pinguino Gelato chocolate coatings create the perfect hard crack coating around the ice cream just a few seconds after dipping, and do not require tempering. Pinguino guarantees a long workability. When larger portions of ice cream are immersed or used for longer periods, the coating does not thicken in the melting vessel or bain-marie. It can also be heated in the microwave. 

Callebaut ICE chocolate; dark 2.5kg
Stock Code: SCC612
Price: £22.67 2.5kg

Minimum Cocoa Solids: 56.49%

Callebaut ICE white chocolate chips 2.5kg
Stock Code: SCC614
Price: £17.69 2.5kg

Min Cocoa Solids:

Callebaut ICE chocolate; Ruby 2.5kg
Stock Code: SCC616
Price: £29.94 2.5kg

Min Cocoa Solids; 53.6%

Callebaut ICE chocolate; Gold 2.5kg
Stock Code: SCC618
Price: £27.58 2.5kg

Min Cocoa Solids 35.9%

Callebaut ICE chocolate; Milk 2.5kg
Stock Code: SCC610B
Price: £24.05 2.5kg

Min Cocoa Solids: 40.7%

Gelato Choc Coating; Pinguino Fondente 5kg bucket
Stock Code: SGC3500
Price: £29.66 5kg bucket

Compound Coating

Gelato Choc Coating; Pinguino Extra Fondente 5kg bucket
Stock Code: SGC3502
Price: £29.66 5kg bucket

73% Dark chocolate

Gelato Choc Coating; Pinguino Bianco 5kg bucket
Stock Code: SGC3504
Price: £38.55 5kg bucket

80% White chocolate