Cocoa Powders


Cocoa Powders

Cocoa Powders

Chocolate is essentially made of cocoa mass (except in white chocolate), cocoa butter, sugar and dairy products (except in dark chocolate). Pure cocoa mass and cocoa butter can then be used to alter the characteristics of a basic chocolate or a filling.

For instance, if a chocolate with the taste you're looking for is just a little too viscous for a particular enrobing line, it is possible to increase its fluidity by adding a little cocoa butter. Cocoa mass would generally be used to enhance the bitterness of a chocolate, although this would also have the added effect of decreasing its fluidity.

Please note that cocoa powders will change colour depending on the application for which the powder is used.

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Van houten rich deep brown Cocoa mass powder 1kg bag
Stock Code: SCC470
Price: £10.67 1kg bag

Alkalized; Cocoa 95.5%; Fat 52.5%

Van houten round dark brown Cocoa Powder 750g bag
Stock Code: SCC471
Price: £12.78 750g bag

Reduced Fat; Alkalized; Cocoa 100%; Fat 1%

Van houten Intense deep black Cocoa Powder 1kg bag
Stock Code: SCC472
Price: £9.49 1kg bag

Reduced Fat; Alkalized; Cocoa 100%; Fat 11%

Van houten robust red cameroon Cocoa powder 1kg bag
Stock Code: SCC473
Price: £7.38 1kg bag

Alkalized; Cocoa 100%; Fat 21%

Van houten full bodied warm brown Cocoa powder 1kg bag
Stock Code: SCC474
Price: £7.11 1kg bag

Alkalized; Cocoa 93%; Fat 23%

Van houten natural light brown Cocoa powder 1kg bag
Stock Code: SCC475
Price: £6.13 1kg bag

Fat Reduced; Cocoa 100%; Fat 11%

Cocoa mass 2.5kg box
Stock Code: SCC400
Price: £23.79 2.5kg box

Chips; C/S 100%; F 53%

Cocoa butter in callets 3kg tub
Stock Code: SCC413
Price: £58.34 3kg tub

100% cocoa butter

dark chocolate powder 20kg box
Stock Code: SCC422
Price: £121.68 20kg box

chocolate powder CHOCPNV782 20kg sack
Stock Code: SCC424
Price: £167.44 20kg sack

Sack; 100% Chocolate

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