Popping Candy


Popping Candy

Popping Candy

Popping candy fizzes in the mouth and is a really popular inclusion in chocolates and bars. Use uncoated popping candy in fat-based products such as chocolate only, so it doesn't absorb moisture and lose its crackle! Use fat-coated popping candy in all other products, but we advise that you keep the moisture content below 3% so the coating does not dissolve. Chocolate-coated popping candy can be used as décor on cupcakes, brownies, gelato and almost anything else you can think of! 

Popping Candy; milk chocolate chips Coated 1kg bottle
Stock Code: SDS900
Price: £22.10 1kg bottle

Usage; Decoration

Vegan Popping Candy - 1kg bottle
Stock Code: SCM554
Price: £23.83 1kg bottle

Uncoated,Unflavoured,Uncoloured,Lactose free

Popping Candy; Coated (Cocoa Butter) - 1kg bottle
Stock Code: SCM552
Price: £22.10 1kg bottle

Usage; Ice Cream/desserts (Max 3% moisture)