Gold and Silver Flakes & Leaf


Gold and Silver Flakes & Leaf

Gold and Silver Flakes & Leaf

The gold and silver leaf books contain 25 sheets of edible gold or silver for decorating the surfaces of chocolates, cakes and sugar work. These leaves should be stored in an airtight container. The gold flakes are suitable for decoration on chocolates and cakes.

Gold Leaf Sheet; 23 carat 25 sheets
Stock Code: SEA264
Price: £50.83 25 sheets

80x80mm Sheets; Pack of 25 sheets; E175

Silver Leaf Sheets 25 sheets
Stock Code: SEA265
Price: £24.21 25 sheets

80x80mm Sheets; E174

Edible Gold Flakes; 22.5kt 1g tub
Stock Code: SEA263A
Price: £138.63 1g tub

1g; E175