Hot Chocolate Powders


Hot Chocolate Powders

Hot Chocolate Powders

Callebaut Ground Chocolates are supplied in a tin which contains a dosing spoon for ultimate convenience. Both ground chocolates are Kosher Dairy Certified. The dark chocolate makes a solid, full bodied and intense hot chocolate with a rich mouth feel. The white makes a lovely creamy white chocolate drink for the sweeter palate. Both provide a rich and indulgent hot chocolate drink at affordable pricing.

We are also pleased to offer three new hot chocolate powders, one made from a blend of West African beans, one from Cameroon, and the other of Tanzania origin.

Ground Dark Chocolate Powder
Stock Code: CNC349
Price: £5.32 750g


Santo Domingo Hot Chocolate Powder
Stock Code: CNC347
Price: £4.17 750g

Van Houten

Callebaut Ground white chocolate chips Powder 1kg
Stock Code: CNC351
Price: £9.32 1kg

Callebaut Ground dark chocolate Powder 1kg
Stock Code: CNC350
Price: £8.71 1kg

Van houten Ruby chocolate Drink Powder 750g
Stock Code: CNC346
Price: £6.63 750g

Van Houten Cameroon Hot chocolate Powder 750g bag
Stock Code: CNC344
Price: £4.77 750g bag

Van Houten Tanzania Hot chocolate Powder 750g bag
Stock Code: CNC342
Price: £5.29 750g bag

33% Cocoa

Van Houten Passion Hot chocolate Powder 750g bag
Stock Code: CNC340
Price: £3.58 750g bag

33% Full Fat Cocoa