If your customers have only ever tasted the very sweet, low grade marzipans that some manufacturers use on cakes or to make marzipan figures, they are in for a real treat when they try these high grade almond pastes! Our marzipans generally have a low sugar content (around 35%) whereas marzipans used for making figures or decorations will have a higher sugar content (up to 70%), to make them more suitable for use as a modelling mass.

Almonds are grown principally in California and Spain with small quantities coming from other countries around the Mediterranean. Mediterranean almonds are generally considered to be superior to Californian, because they are cultivated in a more natural environment with more favourable climatic conditions.

Lubeca Premium Marzipan - 12.5kg
Stock Code: SCM392
Price: £79.49 12.5kg

Almonds 44%; Sugar 42%

Lubeca Marzipan 0 1:1 - 1kg
Stock Code: SCM396
Price: £5.37 1kg

Almonds 26%; Sugar 58%

Lubeca Premium Marzipan - 1kg
Stock Code: SCM398
Price: £7.94 1kg

Almonds 44%; Sugar 42%

Pure Almond Lubeca Marzipan - 1kg
Stock Code: SCM390A
Price: £7.61 1kg

Mediterranean Almonds 52%; Sugar 29%

Pure Almond Marzipan Raw Mass MO - 12.5kg box
Stock Code: SCM401
Price: £101.50 12.5kg box

Almonds 56%; Sugar 27%; Cuttable

Marzipan Modelling Mass - 6.25kg box
Stock Code: SCM415
Price: £42.00 6.25kg box

Almonds 28%, Sugar 60%

Marzipan Raw Mass; Cuttable - 6.25kg box
Stock Code: SCM408A
Price: £52.07 6.25kg box

Almonds 54%, Fructose 33%