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Buy premium quality chocolate ingredients in the UK & Ireland

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Chocolate and Ingredients for Chocolatiers and Confectioners

At Vantage House we supply the highest quality ingredients that will help you to create chocolates and confections that will bring your customers back time after time. Choose from over 2,000 ingredients online including Chocolate & Cocoa products, Organic, Pralines and Fillings, Flavourings, Decorations, Fruit and Nut products, Ready-made pastry products and many other Ingredients.

Chocolate and Ingredients for Bakers

We supply a range of products suitable for the plant bakery including bake stable chocolate pieces and chunks, cocoa butter, icings and sugars of all types.

Chocolate and Ingredients for Chefs

We supply a huge range of ready-made pastry products, fruit purees, chocolate decorations for desserts and patisserie, chocolate cups for desserts and even a pastry chefs toolbox!

Chocolate and Ingredients for Ice Cream

We supply a complete range of Ice Cream and Gelato Ingredients including base mixes, base flavours, swirls and ripples, toppings and coatings.

Chocolate Fountain Ingredients

Chocolate Fountains have become increasingly popular at all types of events from wedding receptions to birthdays and Bar mitzvahs. At Vantage House we offer a wide range of chocolate fountain ingredients for you to choose from including a range of items to dip such as marshmallows, profiteroles, fudge and candied fruit slices plus of course the chocolate itself and additional cocoa butter to make it all flow perfectly!

Why Choose Vantage House?

At Vantage House all our chocolate making ingredients are carefully selected and are ethically sourced from high-quality suppliers. We also supply a range of chocolate making equipment to help chocolatiers in their quest to produce the finest chocolates and confections.  Our team has broad knowledge and experience of the industry including a Chocolatier with over 30 years experience.

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