All in One


All in One

All in one chocolate machines offer flexibility for your budget. All in one machines are ideal when space is limited, the machines will temper your chocolate, coat or enrobe your product such as truffles, ganache, fudge, biscuits, cake etc... with perfectly tempered chocolate.

The all in one machines are ideal for people and companies making, truffles, chocolate bars, enrobed biscuits, hollow figure and filled shell moulding.

The all in one machine consists of a continuous or batch tempering machine along with an integrated measuring depositor. The FBM range feature an additional enrobing belt, which can be detached for the times when you only require the continuous tempering and moulding facility, and a truffle dusting tray as well as a vibrating table and option for a mould transport and a refrigerated area in the machine if required.

The specification of an all in one machine is tailored to your requirements depending on which model you choose. If you require only the tempering and enrobing sections this is all the machine will have and as a result you will pay less. However in most cases you will be able to add the additional units, such as mould transport, at a later date without the need to replace the entire machine.

Some examples of these machines are the FBM Choco lab 002.1 and the Savage 55Kg Tempering Workstation.