Chocolate & Cocoa Products


Chocolate & Cocoa Products

All you will need to produce the finest pralines, bars and truffles listing chocolate/couverture from around the world and offering a wide price range to suit your budget.

In this section you will find many types of chocolate and cocoa products. We have categorized the Dark Chocolate into three sections - under 60% cocoa solids, 60 to 70% cocoa solids and over 70% cocoa solids to make it easier to find the exact chocolate for your requirements. Milk and white chocolate, coloured and flavoured chocolate are all listed in separate sections.

Our section on Origin chocolate brings you details of single origin chocolate from around the globe. Single origin chocolate is so called because the cocoa beans used to create it are taken from a single source/origin, in some instances a single estate or plantation but in most instances a single country. It refers to the origination of the cocoa beans used to create the chocolate.

Organic Chocolate has a separate section for those looking for products - Vantage House can supply a Certificate of Compliance covering all products in this section.

The Cocoa Products section lists nibs, butters (both solid and in callets) and powders.