Decorations, Cups & Shells


Decorations, Cups & Shells

Decorations, cups and shells are used to enhance both the flavour and the look of a product.

Our range of chocolate cups, made from fine Belgian couverture chocolate, are ideal for your creative ideas and available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Whatever your product there is bound to be one that suits, from small bite sized cups for individual chocolates and truffle shells in dark, milk and white chocolate through to large tulip cups to fill for a dessert.

Chocolate Décor brings you decorations for your chocolate creations whether they are pralines, truffles, cakes or patisserie. Chocolate shavings and blossom, chocolate cigars or pencils, chocolate vermicelli or splitters, popping candy and non-pareilles - you will find it all in this section and more.

Cocoa butter colours can be added to white chocolate to decorate your products and bronzing and metallic powders can further enhance the visual impact of your chocolates.

Toppings and sprinkles include such products as marshmallows, Crispearls, topping sauces for ice-cream, crushed caramel, coloured chocolate beans.......the list is endless but you will find it here!