Fillings & Flavourings


Fillings & Flavourings

There are many different fillings that can be used for your chocolates, below are some examples:

Ganache is a filling created by mixing chocolate with milk or cream. It is characterized by a smooth texture with a strong cacao flavour (depending on the percentage of milk or cream). Flavour can be added in the form of oils, compounds or essences or praline pastes mixed with chocolate.

Gianduja is a smooth mixture made with hazelnuts and milk or dark chocolate. The difference between a praline filling and gianduja filling lies in the proportion of hazelnuts used in the recipe. Gianduja fillings are made with a minimum of 20% hazelnuts, while it could be less for a praline filling.

Praliné is not to be confused with the French words "praline", which means chocolate. Praliné is a filling made out of ground, roasted, caramelised hazelnuts and/or almonds with sugar. Chocolate may sometimes be added for the texture.

Truffles are a smooth mixture of chocolate, butter/cream and sugar usually enrobed in chocolate and sprinkled with cocoa, chocolate shavings or similar decorations. Irregular in shape but generally round these can come in many different flavour combinations.

In this section you will find flavouring compounds from Apple to Walnut, Marc de Champagne, and natural flavours from Apricot to Violet. Also Flavouring Oils which give an intense flavour to your chocolates with just a couple of drops.

Vanilla is another essential flavour used by the Baker and Chocolatier and we have a range from LittlePod including vanilla pods, pastes, seeds and extracts.

Nut based fillings can be ready mixed as with the gianduja blocks or in the form of a praline paste - almond, pistachio or hazelnut, the choice is yours.