This section is divided into three main groups - Fruit and Nut products, Sugar products and 'Other Ingredients'.

Below are some examples of what you will find in this section:

Fruit and Nut products range from cuttable nut pastes, praline pastes, Griottines, freeze dried fruit, fruit purees, fruit compounds, candied fruits, dried fruit, nuts........... and more.

Fruit pieces from Taura whose Ultra Rapid Concentration process creates the most functionally advanced fruit pieces, flakes and pastes in the global market.

Sugar Products include dark muscovado, light brown, demerara and other sugars, glucose syrups, wet and dry fondant, glazes....... and more.

Other Ingredients is an extensive list of everything that you need to produce chocolates, bakery products and patisserie and also some basic staples for the Chef in the kitchen including the Pidy pastry range.