Pastry Products

From the humble beginnings, in 1950, of a small patisserie shop in Ieper (Ypres), Belgium where founder Andre Dehaeck built a tremendous reputation for his puff pastry products, through its Industrialisation in 1967 as Pidy ( P atisserie I ndustriel D ehaeck Y pres), Pidy is now represented in over 45 countries worldwide and is the absolute market leader in prepared pastry products. Still using the same traditional recipes as used in 1950 Pidy now manufactures at sites in Belgium, France & USA.

It has expanded into many different kinds of dough, including shortcrust, choux, wafers, croustade, Genoese, foncage and more recently filo, offering pastry cases for all courses and occasions, including many canapé options. Pidy also offer their top quality puff pastry as a raw frozen product, either in a margarine or butter recipe.

Now becoming renowned for innovation, Pidy's Foncage dough brings something of a revolution to the world of canapé shells. Made with sunflower oil, the Foncage products come in many shapes and are very crispy and particularly resilient to moisture. This means they can be filled several hours before serving, banishing last-minute preparation of soggy pastry canapés firmly to the past.